Welcome and thanks for visiting. To avoid opening the wrong cans of worms, we should clarify a few things before we get started.

  1. At KBQ, barbecue is meat that has been slow-smoked with the indirect heat of a wood fire. It’s not:
      • A grill
      • The act of grilling
      • Food that has been grilled
      • A get-together that involves a grill
  2. Our focus is the smoker/pit, so you’ll find more content on thermodynamics, just the basics on recipes, and nothing on arranging lettuce in a competition turn-in box.
  3. We focus on traditional cuts like pork ribs and shoulders and beef briskets. These have so much connective tissue that they’re awfully tough when cooked with common methods but transform into succulent delights when properly cooked. We’ll also enjoy other cuts from these animals like pork hocks and beef ribs, other hooved-animal meats like mutton and cabrito, and even fowl and fish.

Here’s a short video that may be helpful. We hope you find this site to be informative and straightforward. Enjoy!