How it Works


U.S. PATENT 7,895,942

Man has been cooking meat above a fire for about a million years. KBQ turns this arrangement on its head.

When a KBQ Firebox operates in Inverted Flame™ mode, smoke is drawn from below, pulling it through the hot bed of coals that is flooded with oxygen via adjacent air vents.

This action completes the fire triangle, creating an Inverted Flame™ and the thin blue smoke that great pit bosses make after years of experience managing real wood fires.


U.S. PATENT 9,526,376

Two Firebox outlets select the type of smoke drawn into the Cookbox.

The lower outlet inverts the flame to produce thin blue smoke, lighter and sweeter flavors, and burgundy to mahogany bark ‒ ideal for longer cooks like briskets and pork butts.

The upper outlet bypasses the coalbed to produce visible smoke, heavier and smokier flavors, and darker bark ‒ great for shorter cooks like sausage and chicken.

Opening both outlets moderates flavors and colors and is perfect for ribs.


U.S. PATENT 8,635,947

Some folks can make a clean-burning wood fire; others can tend one to keep a steady 250F. Few can do both at the same time.

Since a KBQ Firebox intrinsically controls smoke quality at any draft rate, temperature control becomes simple ‒ AutoDraft™ replaces the smokestack with a thermostatically-controlled fan.

With the Draft Fan ON, vacuum in the Cookbox draws hot smoke from the Firebox, tempering it with convection flow to improve temperature uniformity.

With the Draft Fan OFF, convection continues but no heat enters the Cookbox ‒ all components are arranged to preclude a natural draft.